Review: Dani's Beginner Speedsculpting Class

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

Workshop Review

Dani's Beginner Speedsculpting Class

Super focus :-)

Good morning my dear sculptors friends,

today I'm talking about about my Miniatures Sculpting class I recently taught at Nautilus Art Academy, Catania.

My workshop was born thanks to the kind concession by Ambra Cucinotta and Filippo Silvestro, the owner and founder of the Academy.

I had a webcam over me that show my students what i did

Different students

Ambra and Filippo are two great artists who have created this awesome school of Character Design, Digital Art, 3d Sculpting, Filmmaking and Videogames Development.

I covered all the parts od sculpting process

They have collaborated with some of the greatest international artists and boast successful partnerships with many production companies and more.

Thanks to them I have been able to teach my introductory class to miniature traditional sculpture, born as a link to 3D sculpture.

The Goal

My idea was to create a beginner class that provide you the basics to start in miniature sculpting.

Essentially this class is the course version of this my article i wrote previously.

The course goal is  to provide a complete overview of all the materials, the main techniques, and the methods to start with miniature sculpting.

Seriously: Is it possible to learn to sculpt miniatures in just one day ?

The answer is obviously NO. :-) :-)  

But you can learn what you need to improve yourself and start with the right step.

While I'm showing the tools i use most

What We Did

The students sculpted a 1/10 bust  and they learned the basics of traditional sculpture, we talked about:

-What are miniature sculpting
-Link between 3D and  Traditional
-Sculpting process analisys
- Intro to different Materials, and how to use them
- Basic techniques with first masses and volumes
- Intro to to create basic texture such as hair, skin and scales
-How to use the references to sculpt a thumbnail
-Examples of clay sketching and creation of unique characters
-How to create the different armature and how to correctly set the supports for the sculpture
- Cooking, finishing, and presentation of the models

Clay sketching

Masses and Volumes

Create textures (introduce)

Filippo helps me to show better details
First part to create e bust

We also talked about exhibitions, painting and how to start sculpting miniatures as amateur way or professional way.

We had a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'll repeat this workshop in the future.

Keep Sculpting

Link and resources:
-Ultimate Guide to Miniatures sculpting
-Nautilus Art Academy
-Daniele Found Miniatures

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