Review: Private Coaching with Orcun

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

another review on a private coaching that got lost in the traffic to the blog.
Orcun I am sorry! Here we go!

Orcun visited Peter already some years back for a private coaching session:

Orcun decided to come back and learn again!

Orcun & me

"Thanks for the great two days Roman. Peter's lessons accelerated my learning greatly and prepared me for these lessons from the great master. The best take away for me was; I understood the way you think, while you are painting a miniature. Being inside the mind of a genius artist is priceless and the things I learned from your point of view cannot be learned by myself alone. Not to mention how inspired I was after the lessons and chained multiple minis one after another. Hope to see you again one day and stay healthy! Cheers Orcun"

Happy Painting time ahead!

I decided to push Orcun a step further in his knowledge about colors and on his general approach in painting. I wanted to make him understand why he does some things and why they work and why others do not work!

Learning to read and paint colors you see!

Until nightfall ...

Orcun focused on his colors he also uses at home for his army and so we went through one of his Space Marine Primaris Intercessors and included some additional effects, like OSL ...

We tackled basicly everything on this figure,
 but all with a good foundation of why colors behave like
 they do and why something is painted as it is to demonstrate material ...

This was my explanation piece!

I am really sorry that this review never hit the blog! I got no idea why it got lost in the depths of my voodoo organisation. Sorry, Orcun! I remember this coaching as truely fun times with good talks and happy painting!

Even some danish fellas appeared from a spell in danish :)

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