FM: Kirsten - Hasslefree 28mm

by David

Hey all, 

I am happy to share another finished mini with you, the first after the heat-induced painting hiatus this summer. This time, it's another gorgeous lady sculpted by Hasslefree's Kev White. I present to you


Hasslefree, 28mm

This was a quick little paintjob in between projects I made as a present for a friend who shares my love for Hasslefree's minis. If you're interested, you'll find a few more pics over at

 Thanks for watching and best,


Review: Private Coaching with Linda

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

time for another review on a recently held two day private coaching.

Some weeks ago I travelled to Sweden to teach a basing workshop there and Linda took the chance to grab me for a two daay private coaching prior to the weekend seminar. Lucky us we were able to do this at our friend's place in Arvika and we enjoyed being guests at a superhost and his family.

Thank you, Markus!!

Well now!
To the coaching ...

Linda wanted to learn
how to be more consistent in her paintings.
A good workflow that leads to results without struggling on the way.
Upfront we decided togehter to take my Advanced Workshop content as a frame for guiding her through different materials and techniques.

During the two days under my guidance
she tackled her first bust ever and when you see such a result as a teacher you know you did something right!

Me & Linda

Travelling for a basing workshop and a private coaching made my luggage really low on clothes and undies. Everything - even my brushes - were a mess when everything was shaken like a saltshaker in the plane.

The weather was beautiful in Arvika
for these two days and we skipped the plan to paint in the basement. We sat outside on the porch, always sorrounded by cats and mosquitos. Markus joined us for some painting sessions and it was just lovely.

Going through theory and exercises with Linda before tackling the bust ...

"I painted my first bust at a private coaching with Roman Lappat this week.
Set in Markus's beautiful garden in a perfect little zen tent. Filled with good company and cats. The miniature is Herne the Huntress from @brokentoad.official, a wonderful sculpt with very precisely fitting pieces. Great to assemble and lovely to paint.

I'm really quite happy with the result.
Parts could be improved on but with the time we had I think it turned out great.
I especially enjoyed painting the skin (as I've never been quite sure how to do it before so seeing good results was rewarding), the wolfs head, antlers and shield. .
I learned a lot of great things during this coaching, on painting and blending and good techniques that will really improve and speed up my painting.
Which is good because I have a huge collection of Confrontation that I really need to finish sometime. Also there are the AoS armies ofc.
Really looking forward to going home and get started on some gaming minis."

- Linda

Early stags on the bust ...
including the theory and foundation of painting atmosphere already in this.

More process during the two days ...

We came out of the coaching with this result, but as Linda never sleeps or runs out of ideas there is much more to come!

As the basing class was approaching we decided to push on with the bust, even during the basing workshop. Linda had the idea to make her bust look like she is standing in the forest during a sunny day. We thought long how to tackle this and thanks for the great input by Josua we came up with a plan.

This looks so scary ...

After we sprayed a lot of forest greens
in the bust we were able to keep some areas clean from it with masking them. See photos above. Information on masking options can be read here in this tutorial!

Linda took her time during the basing class to bring these areas up with yellow tints to strengthen the idea of the forest light that falls through leaves.

This was a slow process and in the end after the basing workshop Linda had a really cool base built and even pushed here first bust further. Not to a point wher it was completly finsihed, as some areas were still missing, but to a point where the idea gets clearer:

I want to thank you, Linda
for these beautiful days of painting together. It is a great joy for a teacher to work with creative minded and talented people who do not fear anything at all. You are one of them. Please keep on happy painting and I am grateful that my lessons were helpful for your own painter's journey.

If you want to see more about Linda's work:

She builds amazing things for her tabletop group - and is mainly focused on gaming models, but I'd say I would love to see more work on busts or larger models from you in the future!

Keep on happy painting, Linda!


If you want to learn from me
in your very own private coaching session, do not hesitate to contact me for further details via jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com.

Even though my schedule for 2019 is already full in terms of private coaching, we can slowly start making plans for sessions in 2020. I will be there for you and your personal growth as a painter!

You can find more information
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News: Thanks for your support!

by Roman aka jar

Hi everyone!
One thing we did forget in the last couple of months is saying big thanks to the people on this world who support what we do on MV via their jungle donation.

Jungle gratitdue goes out to these locations:

23.01.2019 Germany, 70,00 $
23.01.2019 Germany, 70,00 $
17.04.2019 Spain, 10,00 $
30.07.2019 Germany, 70,00 €
03.08.2019 Germany, 15,00 $

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


Roman writing here and I am writing this from my end only.
Not including other members of the MV Team.

It has been a confusing year so far.
Some of you might know that 2019 is the year the MV Studio will move to a new location. First it was meant to happen in April/March 2019. Allright I thought, time for a big chance and a fresh start. My soul and muscles got ready for it.


There is good news. 
There is a new location that will be setup anew, but unfortanetely the construction work there takes longer than expected. Means the move got delayed until August/September, which is now. I canceled my trip to the NOVA Open for it, a fact that made me really sad. August and and I am not moving the studio. The new location is still not ready.

Now, it is aimed for October/November.

Stupid for a self-employed when you kind of took August/Septmber off to work on the move. October is filled with seminars and coachings. November works better for me. So let's hope the move will happen in November. Well, it is frustrating as the studio is not the place anymore it used to be. Hallways are empty, messed up from youths who use it for partying and stupid things.

When you say goodbye with your soul earlier in 2019 to a place the heart aches and you prepare yourself for the move of studio and soul. I am sad and very much looking forward to change this fact.
no one is really to blaim for it and anger does not help. I do try to find solutions to it. I do not find the right mood for painting in the studio when I am alone there. I still use it for coachings and smaller group workshops, but not for my own painting joy, which is rare these days. I am trying to setup a small corner for painting at home and once in while I am able to find the mood to sit down and paint, but it feels strange.

Thanks for reading.
I just wanted to inform you on this matter.
You can not imagine how much I look forward to see this solved.


Review: Beginner Workshop - St. Albans, UK

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,
it is time to tell you about my first trip to the UK, back in June 2019.
I got invited by Tim and Mally, that form the great team behind Journeyman Miniatures
to teach my first beginner seminar on the island. Really, I never set foot to the UK. Really strange, if I had known what I did miss so far.

Tim and Mally
are such cool dudes with their hearts at the right spot and their hobby souls full of energy for the good things that you can find in our miniature world. They promote and organise seminars with a huge variety of different miniature artists and teachers alike and they got some organisational skills, that every teacher will benefit of.

I want to thank both of you from the heart for bringing me over,
your hospitality, your comradry and the nice time spent together!

Mally & Tim


"Firstly, thanks again for a superb weekend.
Two of my contribution to the weekend - at the start when I thought "what the hell do I do with this" and the end result where I thought "hey, I'm rather proud of this!". One of the guys from Journeyman, often overlooked as they hide behind the camera. First to arrive, last to leave and always well prepared. One of Matty. You opened his mind so far, by the end of Saturday he was painting with pure light ;)

If anyone has a doubt about attending this course, they should put that doubt aside. It's intense but relaxed, constructively critical but friendly, all the while challenging and rewarding. At no point did I feel overwhelmed, but constantly educated and excited."

- Dave


The theory parts contain:

- Learn to see your world with different eyes
- Introduction into basing composition
- Learn how to feel harmony in different aspects
- Important contrasts for figure painting
- Explanation about how to paint a light situation on your figure
- Understand colour theory and learn how to use it properly
- Learn about different materials, their unique properties and learn to paint them
- Learn to lose fear of doing something wrong
- much more!

If you want to join one of my seminars,
feel invited to check back with


"I was writing up my notes from the workshop in St Albans and matching them with the handout, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing weekend. Just going through my notes has refilled with me inspiration and enthusiasm again and I can't wait to spend the rest of the weekend painting. You're a fantastic teacher! Many thanks!"

 - Alysia


I want to thank the students of this seminar.
Without your interest in my teaching this would not have happened. It was quite the large group of thirty students, but luckily I am always a good prepared teacher that knows how to handle such big groups. I want to thank you all for your trust and good will to travel to this workshop and the joy you did find in my teaching!

Thanks for all the good chats about the hobby and life alike. Thanks to those repeaters of the workshop who once joined before. It does mean a lot to me and I was happy to push you even further again. Thanks to those who supported this review with their photos as I did not take many myself.

Our location to the right, in St. Albans!



"Attended his beginner painting weekend course last weekend. Roman is a fantastic teacher who encourages you to think for yourself and just try things but is a guide when you need a bit of help and advice. Very enjoyable weekend with an amazing 30 students that all had chance to get one on one feedback and tips. If you're considering attending a course or thinking about one on one teaching then I would highly recommend Roman as someone to not only teach, but to help embrace the happy and free side of painting."

- Caragh


"I wanted to give you some feedback from your course. It was the best course I have been to so far, you have struck the right balance between theory and practise, and I really enjoyed the fact that we were not focused on one aspect like other courses might do. The main thing I liked was that you pushed us to do our own project and not to copy each other, this was great because we could see that whatever direction you take, you can have a very nice project at the end.
I am mainly a "gaming" painter but I enjoy painting a lot and decided to give display painting a go. I tend to approach projects from a very methodical perspective, not looking at the project as a whole but as separate parts, I have learned during this class to give more thought about the overall picture and not necessarily worry about the small details, as you said, get the overall feel right and work on the details later. It was also my first go at doing a display base, something I never tried before and never thought was so easy to approach. Well, now I have lots of ideas bubbling in my head for future projects so it was great to conquer my fears! Overall I had an excellent time. 
The only regrets I would say is that the TMM part and the finishing of the base felt a bit rush at the end, I would have liked to have a bit more time to spend on this aspect during the course. But they are minor criticisms, the course was amazing for anyone who wants to build confidence to tackle display painting.
Thanks again to be such an honest guy, your approach to painting is a model for me, I will always think about happy painting!

I will also remember that some people like to paint like a butterfly but it's ok to paint like a boar as well ;)"

- Julien





"Balls deep yes I would recommend him. Himself and Banshee, these 2 guys are like cream and cake, butter and jam, pie and honey!!! This is to say, I absolutely would and Banshee paved the way for my understanding, and Roman to add solid f'in cohesion.
I feel like after his course I am free. Free to enjoy painting and my understanding of colours.
Best of all is, he's a bloody top bloke too... means something in this world of `interesting` people."

- Jamie


When it comes to basing
I got to thank the supporters of this class who made the class wonderful due their help in sponsoring some of their products, beside my own crazy material collection:

Flying to the UK for the first time
I did expect rain and rain and dark clouds. Like everyone told me so far in my whole life. Well, not this time. It was hot in June and Saturday almost destroyed us in our painting room. Lucky us, we were able to also paint outside and some did, even I did for some explanations.

Zenital Light on a bald head

Really we need to go outside, it is too hot in here! I can not teach!


"I have flew over the continent to attend his course and it was amazing. A teacher that likes what he does and does it with love. Teaching beginners and experienced alike without a problem and with great care. Great experience, wonderful time totaly worth it"

- Andrei


"I have just literally finished Roman's Beginners course arranged in the UK by Journeyman Miniatures and I was amazed by the following:
  1. The way he teaches is 1st class
  2. His course structure is A+ really well balanced and laidout taking you through the stages of the process in a logical manner.
  3. Even though we had a really large class 30 pupils, I believe that no student got more of Romans time than another as he always made sure every had a couple of personal 1 to 1 time.
  4. I would highly recommend this course to anyone as it helped me solidify my knowledge and backed up the theory and tutorial with actual practice."
- Marc


"I found the course which catered for the beginner to the more experienced to be extremely informative, well balanced, well paced and above all - fun. I expected to be quite tired after travelling, cramming a 30 hour course into a weekend but this was not the case. In fact I can't believe it went so quickly so sign me up again."

- Nigel


I want to thank you all
for your beautiful feedback during the workshop or after. This and your results make me a happy teacher and I know again why I love teaching and helping other painters on their own journey!

Following you can find the results from this weekend! Thanks to Tim and Mally for organising the photo booth! First timers had to paint a Games Workshop demonette. Repeaters of the seminar were allowed to bring their own model with their very own focus.

Click to enlarge!


Many thanks to all of you who have been part of this!
I will keep it with good memories in my heart and I will come back next year to teach some more!
Mally, Tim and I are already speaking about it! Stay tuned!

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