Multitasking Kong Fu

by Massive Voodoo

this post was initially meant to be something else,
but you know that the jungle always was and always will be some kind of diary for me.
Now it is again. I call this a good sign.

I wanted to tell you how great I feel being well prepared for a 2017 full of blogging on Massive Voodoo.

How I prepare posts in advance, how many tutorials I still have in the back of my folders from 2016.
How good I feel being so well prepared and how much I am looking forward to post on MV for our readers.

... but unexpected everything came different.
After my weekend seminar in Hamburg I realized I am a little overworked, burned out. Not as bad as I once were, but still visible signals that showed me that I have to go on vacation.
Now I am on vacation since about three weeks. Sadly I was not able to head out, travel and conquer the world and its beauty.

"Vacation" for me looks like this right now: 
Not painting figures all, but I cleaned up and prepared my workspace in the studio, write my regular emails (but much slower and relaxed, thanks for your patience everyone). 

I delayed some comission work for later to be really able to paint them with my natural strength (thanks for understanding everyone). I canceled the Basing Seminar in Sweden due taking time off in August to be able to go on a travel holiday with my girlfriend and recharge. Of course we will do the class in the future. I'll be there. Why no travel journey right now you might ask? Well, I do not know. Maybe I was already a bit too well prepared. Dates like private coachings, seminars and my first exhibition outside the miniature world quickly showed me that I am not able to completly shut off from work as there is work to do.

So I calmed down from being close to a burnout with preparing stuff for a flea market in May, sold many of my books, cleaned up and cleaned up again. Did write most important emails and such and cleaned the flat again. Meanwhile enjoying early spring sun whenever possible.

After some days without studio and miniatures I realized that some creativity shows up through the fog of grey color again. I started to draw some drawings for the exhibition (as first I did not know what to show there, me as a full artist with miniatures, photos and illustrations) and decided which photos I will show during this event. Some days ago - as I am holding the exhibition together with a good friend and canvas painter, Susanne Ziegler - we went to the place and checked the available rooms in the castle and I realized through talks and brainstorms that my main focus of this exhibition will be miniatures as this is mostly me when it comes to my art.

I see this as a good chance to show the passion about miniature art to people who have never seen it before. A small step for humanity, but a big step for the miniature world. Therefor I am in the middle of planning explanation boards to show more about miniature painting than only the models I have painted. This will be interesting and I might bring you some more information to this when available.
I took the chance of the exhibition to put some more work to my artist portfolio homepage I got in the making since 1,5 years now. I think it could be nice, if people want to see more of my work after visiting the exhibition. Sure I will also link to Massive Voodoo, but as I have heard from my mum: Many people who do not know the miniature world do not understand the Massive Voodoo blog on the first sight. It is too confusing and she is right. So, in my vacation I am also working on this.

Several other bigger projects for 2017/18 keep my mind occoupied also. Since I decided to exhibit mainly miniatures I did quit drawing. Now I am preparing plenty of posters and art prints for the exhibition.

MV's Jar's Advanced Class - Blumberg
I am pretty much looking forward to go to Blumberg next weekend to hold my second Advanced Class ever. Greatly supported by Hasslefree Miniatures. I will meet many friends and long time students of mine and will push them forward in their understanding of applying strong atmosphere to their models. Even if I am not painting much myself these days I am really looking forward to teach. Also it will be a nice weekend around the seminar as I am heading there with my monkeybrother Peter, visiting him earlier in Stuttgart.

Massive Voodoo Blog Posts
Well, lately I have realized, that I am saying I am on vacation. I do holidays from painting miniatures and blogging, right, but still I am working on other things. I think it just has to be like that and I can not force myself to anything. Listening to the flow again, I am looking forward to some more posts by me, here in the Massive Voodoo jungle. Let's see when they drop in and when I touch a brush again. I bet on the upcoming weekend :)

Some fine music:


by Roman aka jar

Mu 98 - The Drowned Earth, The Firm & Sage

by Massive Voodoo

Hidiho Jungle Painters,

time for another fresh review on MV.

This is review #98 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.
Today Roman will take a closer look on some miniatures from a fresh and brand new miniature board game called

"The Drowned Earth"

A SciFi based boardgame that looks like tons of fun and has some really cool miniatures and factions. They have Gorillas and you know how much we all love Gorillas here in the jungle. And this game is absolutely jungle, massive jungle.

You can find the Kickstarter and many informations around the game here:
Drowned Earth Miniature Game Kickstarter

Drowned Earth plays in a post-apocalyptic world. Towns have gone and the remains are turning forests and jungles. We like this setting pretty much! Sounds like a lot of monkey fun playgrounds. If you are interested in a let's play, check this link.
This review is supported by external photos, copyright Drowned Earth. 
Let's jump in the jungle, we recieved some miniatures to review:


We recieved the full faction (gang) called "the Firm". 
A group of gangsters, rocketeers and thieves.

What we know: We are pretty sure, this is pre-official release and this packing will not be the final packing of the products you support the kickstarter for. Pretty sure.

The Firm in its full glory - look at the Gorilla, we love him so much!

Let's have a look on the models now. 
First of course, "Hosk" the Gorilla with his super-energy-hammer, his blunt weapon of choice. Wielded in Gorilla arms this makes definatly kaboom when hitting its foe.

Hosk arrives in a white metal - as the other models too - and has a very dynamic pose that underlines his energy and will to smash.

White Metal is pretty hard to photograph, and this seems to be supershiny white-metal :D

Hosk arrives in four parts, which are easy to attach. The models have been designed in 3D and you can see the quality by the prepared fitting moulds. Lovely.

Even complex models, like Mirja here fits so well together that even without superglue you can attach them already. Sweet. 

Well, Mirja looks very complex at first sight, but also arrives in only four parts.

A little Artwork from Drowned Earth to show the great atmosphere of the game.

Next we got Lissz, who is definatly a lizardman hybrid ninja thing ... she looks stealthy and arrives in six parts.
 Lizardlady ...

Next we got "Wenk", who arrives in three parts (head is single too) and he seems to be the sharpshooter of the gang.

Kaneda is the Ronin of the Firm as it looks like,
he likes close combat and uzis.  He arrives in three parts.

Let have a closer look on one model, another Gorilla by the gang, called the Artifacters.
Every gang has a gorilla and a lizard, really cool. We will look at "Sage", who is a rogue and tomb raider. Exploring, less smashing.

Sage arrives in four different parts:

The overall quality of the white metal casts is good. The design of the models is pretty unique and we really like it. Some poses are really cool, some need a moment to be understood as the model is in full action.

"Sage" here, well he seems in the middle of exploring old ruins and looking deeply into the lizards eye. We really like these different poses, Sage here could also be a great model for a display diorama.

 Look me in the eye, lizard!

 Really amazing on these white metal figures are not only the concepts, but also the fitting quality. This is just superb. Everything goes where it should go, easily, hasslefree.

Have a look yourselve to the Kickstarter and many informations around the game here:
Drowned Earth Miniature Game Kickstarter

Massive Voodoo wishes James, from The Drowned Earth all the best with the  Kickstarter and many supporters and backers as this project is so well thought and great looking.



by Roman aka jar

Review: MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Hamburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar


"Thank You for everything you have done for me during this workshop. I totally changed the way I think about painting and i will not forget this experience. really great time and I am surprised and satisfied from how well I manage to do my project. this moment with the base when we have put this paint on it and...beautiful black and white base...and started PAINTING just changed the setting in my mind. I like your approach. You helped me a lot.

It was nice to see you in person and talk about your miniatures. I was carrying kind of your work with my all the time during my small journey trough miniature painting world and it was some role model which I have been chasing in my passion."

- Jacek

My second home - beside Augsburg - when it comes to teaching miniature painting classes.
And friends. I have so many good ones up in the north and I am happy to know so many nice people there. This makes it feel like home.

This review will be different as this class in Hamburg was some kind of different for me.

First of all I want to thank everyone of my students
 in this class for their will to support me and learn from me. I appreciate this and I am happy that there is still much for you to learn, even for those who have taken this class several times now. I want to thank those who travelled far for this class and overall I want to give my gratitude to all of you for making this weekend what it was: beautiful.

As you have realized it has taken me a while to sit down and write this review.
For me as a teacher and person this Hamburg class was a really interesting experience.
Let me tell you. I arrived not in the best condition, I felt that I am a little exhausted from lots of travels and crazy painting adventures in 2016, but sadly for me this hit me in the face when the class started. No energies, no fun in painting, no fun in teaching, just wanted to go home and cuddle with my cats.
I know that no one of you realized this - only the friends I told. Well I am a professional and frankly the energy of my students and the fun, their experiences and their results kept me going. Telling you this might look unprofessional though, but well I was born honest to myself and others.

Getting ready to jump the train to Hamburg. This is basic equipment I carry when going out to teach a painting seminar like MV's Jar's Beginners Class.

... but frankly my bags are not important at all. 
The content of these are important as this helps me to inspire my students to achieve wonderful results. Sometimes even on their first try, this student never painted a miniature before:

This is a first time ever miniature and base which made me really proud as a teacher.
The student ... well, she is supertalented, if I compare it to my own first miniature.
I told her this and she was like: "Yes, but you explain so well and everything makes sense!"

Thank you!
Such moments helped me get through a weird weekend.
Seeing the reason behind what I do, why I teach this beautiful passion, why I try to infect new people to miniature painting. Why I invest everything I am and can be into it. Why I am feeling low energy sometimes. Why I love my job.

Some more results from the weekend.
Sadly I was not able to take photos of them all as Sunday went quiet hectic in the end.


"Hey Roman,
danke nochmal für den super Workshop. Mich hat er super weiter gebracht und es war wieder schön in deinen Geist eintauchen zu dürfen.
Da ich einen Vergleich von vor fünf Jahren habe (Hannover), möchte ich dich loben, wie dein Workshop sich weiter entwickelt hat. Auch die Entscheidungen welche Inhalte du verwendest möchte ich loben. Er ist dadurch sehr Einsteigerfreundlich bietet aber auch erfahreren Malern viele Möglichkeiten sich aus zu toben und lernen. Anbei meine Fotos der erste Teil. Ich schicke noch vier. Ich hoffe sie gefallen :D
Ich freue mich auf den nächsten Workshop mit dir und wünsche dir bis dahin eine gute Zeit.
Mit den besten Grüßen aus Kassel
der (nicht mehr einarmige )

- Ma(L)rius"


Thanks to Marius for additional photos to this review and this powerful photo of the great colors and material, light and shadow situations:

Big thanks to Heiko and the WU Dao Kung Fu School, once again.
It is always a pleasure to return to this temple of good spirit and happy Kung Fu. It fills my heart with joy, even in not so good moments. Thank you for accepting me and my workshops as a part of the Wu Dao.

Many thanks to Michelle for being who he is.

I am not getting tired of saying many thanks to the supporters of this class:

Well, I do not want to make this review unprofessionally personal, speaking about my strange mood all the time, but it is what it is. I am exhausted these days, no full batteries after working my asss literally off in 2016. I feel guilt, not to continue like this, but things have to change. Guilt to everyone who supports me ever since and also to the ones who supported me during the last year. I feel guilt in "I have to write a tutorial soon" or "I should paint a miniature again and speak about my process like so many others do in the internet, constant." ... well, I have to stop feeling guilt as this makes me sick.

What I learned 
from teaching a happy painting class in a sad mood: I call myself professional from now on as not many of my students caught a glimpse on my emotional rollercoster. Cool. I already knew during the class that I got to take off from work somehow to restart way more calmer and relaxd. I do this right now. No guilt.


"I am now a year in the hobby, Roman Lappat and the team of Massive voodoo have already done a

great job for me as a beginner with their blog since I am going to introduce everything about Citadel painting guide going out there. I had some respect for the artist when I came to the workshop, but this was completely unfounded, the teacher and man Roman Lappat has turned out to be a very pleasant contemporary. 

Each question was answered without problems I had not the feeling of clumsy students, but my strengths were extracted from me. The lessons were simply very well structured, of theory, color, light. There was really something about different techniques. And what was the most beautiful thing was brought with humor and fun. My girlfriend has built, based, painted all her first figure at the workshop. And she made it absolutely great. That's what faith holds most for the lesson.
I'm certainly not the last time there, rather spend money on a workshop than one hundred gray minis in the closet. Figures get a soul with a color and a novel shows you how to bring your soul into the figures in its own way."

- Marcel

Let's see some more results. 
Famous Demo-nettes. Sometimes I think about don't liking them anymore. At least I have seen and painted so many that I will maybe never touch this kind of model again. Period. As soon as I see my students results I know why they are important for my Beginners Class. Freedom in color choices. A new horizon. Also an OSL study of a class repeater.

Left: This workshop. Right: two years ago.

the true Lion (or tiny ewok, if you dress him the right way, give him a spear and a neck chain with a human tooth and make him stand up right) in the Wu Dao enjoying painting kung fu too, but only with well choosen subjects:

 Some more impressions of the weekend. 

Thanks to the Pigment Pirates. 
It was cool meeting some of you again and also get to know the new faces.

Keep on happy painting!
Well, the only thing I can say now is: Thank you all for a weekend to remember.
This weekend had a lot of impact on me. Mainly, because I learned again why I do what I do. For you. My students and I am thankful of recieving back, when I see how you all focus your energies on one small thing and suceed.

Let's continue and face your fear of paint!
There is no reason to feel it.

Best Wishes,