Tutorial: Broken glass

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle,

Josua and Roman are throwing another tutorial at you to boost your skillset.

Again this article is free of any charge,
just for you to enjoy your future creations.

This time it is about
Broken glass

Some of you might already have encountered the moment in a project where you are in need of broken glass. We want to show you different versions on how to tackle this topic or be inspired for your own ideas. We hope you enjoy and if you do, consider this:

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Before we start, first some inspiration - observing and visualising is the key to everything when you want to learn much about painting:

Creating broken glass on figures
In this article Josua and Roman will show you different versions on how you can create broken glass on your projects. Simple ways and more complex ways. We hope you enjoy!

#01 blister plastic bits
Let's check back with a really old project by Roman.
A WW2 german soldier standing in front of a house ruin. The ruined wall has a window part and back in 2009, when this scene was created I just took a scissor and cut out some pieces of the casual blister plastic you know from GW models and glued it in place. Nothing superfancy, but it works easily. Make sure to place it close to the end of your paintjob, you do not want to have paint on your glass parts.

#02 Working with plastic that is already meant to be glass
While creating the project "Memories" I used a small collectable car that had windows made out of plastic already in place. As the car was meant to be a wreck I decided to to break most of the glass by using a screw driver and pure force. I left some pieces in place, but masked them with masking tape,
before priming and left it mainly through all the process of the paintjob.

When I was done with the painting work I removed the tape and decided to use pure white and a brush and repaint edges and some cracks on top of the plastic.

 #03 Creating broken glass the complex way
Complex ways often have the best results.

Josua is in the Ring now...
lets start with my take on the Broken glass.

This is what you need:

Intermediat Gauzy Agent
Secret Weapon Crushed Glass
- An Acrylglass-Plate (Blister-Plastic-Card will work to just make sure it has a smooth finish to the Surface)
- Masking Tape, Exacto Knive

Always wear a Respirator while working whit crushed glass as it can get easily inhaled.

Start by masking a little area on your smooth a clean  Acrylic-glass/Plastic-Card Piece. Put a bit of Crushed glass on in and try to spread it even. You can try by placing a stirring rod or an old brush on the masking tape horizontal and use it as you would roll out dough with a rolling pin.

As soon as you achieved a nice even surface of crushed glass get an old brush filled wit intermedia gauzy agent and try to drop it on the surface without destroying the even surface. I found out that it helps to work from the borders inwards. Let the medium enough time to fill the small space between the little glass pieces and try not to flood the whole thing whit gauzy agent.

Let this whole mix dry properly and you will be able to peel it carefully from the surface by pushing a thin exacto-blade between the smooth surface and your glass. 

Place it on the inside of your frame where you want the glass and fix it with more gauzy agent. After the attachment is dried completely, you can give it a bit more strength with another 2-3 coats of gauzy agent. 

This method gives you a rather realistic look of crushed glass but it is a really delicate method to create this kind of effect so you may use this for your showpieces rather than Tabletop Miniatures.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the article and will not fear conquering your ideas in your projects, even if it is about broken glass. Give it a try and enjoy! Stay creative!

Keep on happy painting!
Josua & Roman

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Nova Open 2017: Introducing Nova Open Hobby Haven

by Roman aka jar

Great News for all hobby people concerning the upcoming NOVA Open 2017:

Introducing NOVA Open Hobby Haven
Brought to You by The Army Painter!

For years, hobbyist and painters have gathered in various places throughout the NOVA Open to paint their models, socialize with fellow hobbyists, and exchange techniques. In 2017, the NOVA Open will introduce Hobby Haven, a large, general-use painting area with painting supplies, on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency. The area is intended to form a central, social hub, which provides opportunity for casual interaction and impromptu teaching of painting and artistic techniques.  

The NOVA Open is proud to announce that Hobby Haven is being brought to life through the sponsorship of THE ARMY PAINTER!  The Army Painter will be supplying Hobby Haven with all the art supplies we could have imagined - primers, paints, brushes, tools, basing materials and more.  

Visit The Army Painter website today https://www.thearmypainter.com/ and help us thank Bo for sponsoring this new project at NOVA Open! Email questions to customerservice@novaopen.com.

Scale Model Challenge 2017

by Roman aka jar

Scale Model Challenge.
A name that stands for quality and happy times. 

A delegation of MV monkeys will also jump around there!

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Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

got another hot drop from my painting table.
Another comission I recently finished, a figure by the very cool company Limbo Miniatures and sculpted by Joaquin Palacios. Compared to his usual sculpts he does for Black Sun Miniatures, this one is a rather small guy. 28 mm for the figure itself, sitting, definatly small and supercool.

I had the pleasure to paint him up and created a base for him that made my bells ring in alarm once again when it comes to too big basework, but in the end everything turned out to be exactly my vision for this project. Heavily influanced by this book.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King
Limbo Miniatures, 28 mm

If you want to see more photos of this project,
check it out on Putty&Paint. I took quite the amount of photos on this project and the future will definatly see a step by step on it.
Stay tuned!

This figure is not sale.
Comission work.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes
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Lord of the Jungle

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

nothing more to say than this.
maybe a little more than just a roar or a half naked guy yelling through the jungle.

I am  pretty happy and proud to have this project finished.
Most of the time I hated it while I worked at it, because the base idea went just out of control. While building was fun, painting was hell. A green hell. Through many big and small projects with different motivation curves I learned to paint in both worlds. In the dark pit, when you feel not motivated and energized and in the bright powerful energized moments. It's a slippery walk between those two.

This is a comission work I did for a good friend for his private collection. I said, I will accept the comission if I am free to do whatever I like. This can be great on one hand, on the other when your brain explodes into a superlarge jungle base for a 75 mm figure and tons of animals it can be a trap.
It just  went out of control and I lost track and motivation on my plans.

The figures used for this project are mainly from the kickstarter called "Legends of the Jungle", by Oliver Posvek and sculptor Hector Moran, that I supported with a full step by step PDF write up of this project. Part one of concepting the vision, base building and conversion  is already written and I am in the middle of finishing part two, painting such a beast and adding tons of little detail love. So far the PDF goes out to all backers of the kickstarter. Maybe it will be available later on too. I keep you informed.

With this base idea I created a supertall and thin base that shall represent the might of the jungle as a a green wall. The Lord of the Jungle in the thick of it. With plenty of friends and buddies. To see it in full, please check back with this blurry photo from my mobile:

Lord of the Jungle
Legends of the Jungle, Mixed Media, 75 mm

It was hard to take a full photo, even in the superlarge studio photo box.
I even sculpted a beard and penis and testicles to the Lord of the Jungle. Why?
Well I speak about this and explain it in the PDF step by step.

A tutorial about creating jungle ambience can be found in Massive Voodoo's tutorial section.

If you want to see more photos of this project, feel invited to visit it on Putty&Paint.

This project is not for sale. Comission work. In private collection.
Keep on happy painting!

PS: What I have learned on building too big bases: click!
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Tip of Today

by Josua Lai

Happy Accidents

Sometimes things are not going the way we want them to. Accidents are a normal thing in every day life and also in your hobby journey. I am not talking about accidents that you can avoid, rather the ones you can`t avoid.  And how to deal with them.

Let me explain what I mean while I tell you the story of the base i created as a special mega prize for the MV Challenge 2017.

I started with a clear vision in my mind.
A snow and Ice covered river is wanted in the end . Here is a WIP photo:

 Pretty "COOL" eh?

Everything looked like my plan would work out really well... till I poured my resin... Somehow the hardener part of my resin product got contaminated by something and the resin changed its color to a slightly more yellowish color than clear. As i mixed in a cold green color i didn't recognise it till the resin was poured in my base. The yellow reacted with the blue and turned my snow scene into a warm more Caribbean like scene.  

What to do now? First i was frustrated. After a short time i decided to take the challenge and try to make something out of it. Long story short: I am pretty happy that little accident happened to me in the middle of my Project. Let little happy accidents like this not ruin your motivation and joy for a Project. Let them Challenge you! They are often a good way to learn and improve.

I would love to hear your happy little accident story.

Best wishes