by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

some of you might know that I am a big fan of the band "Wardruna" and I am really happy to hear that they will have a new album coming on November 23rd 2018 called "Skald". I can not wait for it.
It will show some skaldic versions of well known songs and new ones. I am really looking forward. Thanks for the hint, Mikkel.

In the meantime here is a superlovely version of one of my favourite songs from them,

From their youtube describtion:
"Helvegen (here featuring Aurora) is a song about death, dying and remembering those who have passed. About crossing over and about letting go. It is a song about searching for lost songs and old traditions."

Find my personal music playlists that I am listening to while #happypainting on youtube!

MV Challenge 2018 is over!

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Champs!

The 2018 Massive Voodoo Challenge is over.
We recieved entries until late at night yesterday and they are all beautiful. In both categories. Josua and I will have a hard time judging this.Thank you all for participating and making another MV Challenge a wonderful event with your amazing entries.

Marie Fleur: #18
Pinguins: #12

The upload of the gallery is scheduled for next week.
Stay tuned to see all these wonderful entries.
Josua and I will keep you posted on the process of judging.

Keep on happy painting everyone!
Roman & Josua

SBS: Water Buffalo

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,
welcome to another step by step I got on my list t1o write.
That list is huge you can not imagine. Soon I will have a inspiring article about the "36 chambers of mastering the toothpick" for you, but I am stuck in chapter #34. Got to master it, until then I hope you enjoy the step by step insight into this project of mine I did in 2017.

Sculpt by: Jean Jacques Delorme
Thank you, Debbie for getting me one!


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This bust was a must to be painted.
In a miniature world packed with warriors, chainswords and boobs it is a beautiful thing to paint animals at peace. I do know that it is not a "water buffalo", it is a "cape buffalo". Yes I know. I still name this project "Water Buffalo" as it was the first project name I called out for it.

Want to know the difference between Cape- and Waterbuffalo?

It is not a very big bust for a big buffalo ...
it has just the right size.

I started this bust with doing a really wild first sketch in some green greys.
Wildly and joyfully slapped some white on it to get my idea sketched in.
Surprisingly I can not tell you any recipes or colors used. I mixed it all from primaries by Schmincke's Primeacryl.

I used some blue and green greyish glazes to calm down my initial energy output.

By using brushstrokes in one certain direction I was able to pull off the look of fur.

I needed more contrast so I slapped that in again, Whites and blacks. Bam. Bam.

Brushstrokes all over.

This stage was important again to get back control on how to display the busts volumes and shapes.

Fur has a growing direction. Keep that in mind.
I actually sculpted the fur with thick paint.


After I recieved enough contrast
I wanted color back and imagined the buffalo in a very relaxed moment in his life. He is in the middle of a water area, tons of seaweed or whatsoever water plants available, everything is calm, he dips his heavy head in the water and crunches on, gets out, butterflies again on his head and hey he now stares into my camera. #WildlifeMiniaturePainting.

I glazed all colors in that I wanted. Browns, skintone-greys, blues, greens and more and used the painted contrast that I have painted earlier.

I decided for a part of wood
as plinth that I had lying around since a while and was a beautiful gift:
A piece of ancient wood roman's took to build a bridge. The bridge was renovated and some parts of the wood landed in the hands of a friend. He gifted me this and another piece and I knew that this bust had to be on a special plinth. I taped it to protect it from everything that I wanted to paint, still.

Well, I used some basing material, grass alike and did put it in place with matte varnish. How did I pick these spots? Well, I do not know, I just imagined the buffalo just raising his head out of the water and ... yeah :D

I still continued to push contrast. Now in smaller areas and more focused on detail work.

A lot of texture

was added after I checked back with references via google. Horns, fur, water buffalos that are cape buffalos.

Water is a highly reflective surface
and will create a bounce light back. Of course there is no water on my bust, but I wanted to create the magic by including a strong bounce light from all that green and tourquise beauty around his water spot.

From the top you can not see it!

I painted small animal butterflies
from the company "Busch" and dadded them to the buffalo.
This was the final work after the painting was done. I removed the tape from the plinth to see it in full and was really happy about the overall look. So happy that I had to make one butterfly land on the plinth to connect both in poetry.

In the end I did gentle color games with glazes of purple, orange, yellow, green, blues and painted the tourquise water reflection in his eye. Eyes are wet and are also a more reflecting surface than for example, wool.

Painting this bust
was one of the most enjoyable paintjobs I ever did.
I love animals, their grace, their pride, their instincts, their nature. They are so beautiful.

I took photos in the big photo booth and was really happy. Calm and happy.
I really loved this process.

You can also find final photos via or www.putty&

It has been pure happy painting joy and I am thankful that this bust found a good home at a collectors home. Thank you for your support in my art, work and life, Sir.

I hope you enjoyed the process insight :)
Thank you for your time!

Keep on happy painting!


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MV Challenge 2018 - Updates

by Roman aka jar

MV Challenge 2018

Important information regarding the actual Massive Voodoo Challenge.

First of all - this is what it's all about:

... and we are closing in to the 15th November which means the end of the challenge.

Changed the date for your entries due some emails that recieved us. People were asking to have more time due some restock waiting time while ordering Marie Fleur or Pinguins.
The new final call date for your entries is 15th of November 2018.

The first entries coming in:

Marie Fleur: #08
Pinguins: #04

The Jungle Suprise Boxes are packed now,
this is the stuff you will find inside. Randomly :)

Such cool entries already.
We will have more updates for you soon!

Stay tuned!

Keep on happy painting!

Roman & Josua

Review: NOVA Open 2018 - Capital Palette

by Massive Voodoo

The Capital Palette

From the NOVA OPEN Homepage:

The NOVA Open invites hobbyists and artists to proudly display their work in its Capital Palette, a juried, open forum award miniature art competition. The Capital Palette began in 2013 and has grown to become a recognized force for promoting the excellent artistic endeavors of miniature gamers every.

A Crystal Brush qualifier, the NOVA Open and its remarkably talented judges encourage everyone to bring and display their best work - take a chance on bringing home a Capital Palette Monument, any of three medals or finalist awards!

A 3-judge panel will award gold, silver, and bronze accomplishment awards for 6 divisional categories based on the criteria listed in the primer. In an open forum competition, there can be multiple gold, silver, or bronze winners in a category (or no winners), and each exhibitor's work is individually evaluated and receives the level of award the judges feel that their work merits, without regard to the awards given to other pieces in the exhibition. Finalist awards are also awarded. Modelers can thus judge the progress of their work from show to show, without worrying about what other modelers may create.
Additionally, the panel will select one model in each category as the Best in Category winner, and one of the Best in Category finalists as the overall Best in Show winner. Convention attendees will select a Fan Favorite from among all submissions that have earned Final Round standing on the last day of the NOVA Open.

Small champs at the  Capital Palette Award Ceremony!

Impressive Knights!

Mechanics with problems.

Magic moments.

Brutal Giants.

Wonderful cars.

I am helping to judge
the Capital Palette now for the fourth year in a row and I can say it is an honor to work with the team of the NOVA Open on this. We are constantly improving this event and it is really a true joy to see the Capital area grow and numbers of entries increasing every year.

This year I was judging alongside head-judge Dave Taylor and with Matt DiPietro and it was - again - a really fruitful and good learning experience. Thanks to you, gentlemen for the great teamwork and smooth process.

The numbers of entries grow and the quality rises each year. It is beautiful to see this grow bigger and better each year. Many thanks to all the volunteers who help making this a smooth thing.

Up front magic CJ who takes all the photos of Capital Palette entries.
Sadly I am not able to show every entry in here, so I hope you enjoy the random selection.

A selfie from the year 2017 with wonderful Christine.

Thanks to the Bob's who handle the models and thanks to all additionalvolunteers.

A cult.

A happy Capital Palette winner ...

A serious Capital Palette winner.



Wow 2.0!

Hell yeah!

Pure yellow!

The biggest change this year
was the decision to have the Capital Palette split up to three different main categories:

    • Beginner
    • Journeyman
    • Master

Inspired by europen open format events we decided that this step is necessary and it was a full success as the numbers of entries rose about 20%.

Massive Voodoo's Most Creative Award by Melissa Powell

Overall Best of Show by Sam Lenz!

Has anyone seen my sheep?


Shiny Gladiators!

Colorful Peotry!

Judges at work!

First rule!

Massive Tanks!

The blue chips!

Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!

Behind bars!

Stompa! Stompa!

I see fire.


It has been  an amazing show this year!
Thanks to everyone who entered the Capital Palette in 2018.
Without your great figures and models created from the heart the cabinets would have been empty!
Thank you all and see you next year!

Keep on happy painting!
Yours Roman