Mu #102: Juweela, Tabletop Basing Set

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

time for a Mu :)
Miniatures or Material Unpacked. See more articles like this, here:
This time we see #102 dropping in the jungle and it is about basing.

We all know Juweela for their great bricks and terrain stuff they provide:


Juweela recently decided to bring out a
"Tabletop Basing Set"
for all your gamers out there.
A cool mix of basing material with whom you can create nice gaming bases full of variety. How can I say this so convinced? Well, they asked me to create the box art examples and so I did.

Let's have a look on what this set provides:

 A wide variety, but mainly focusing on post-apocalyptic, modern or temple themes.

This is what I created and I still got plenty of stuff left:

I really enjoyed creating these gaming bases to show possibilities and available variations.

I can tell it was a lot of fun working with this set.
I believe that you can easily find the same joy with it and come up with even more variety in your bases. Give it a try and check back with your provider of Juweela products. They do not sell on their own site, but do have a lot of resellers. You can get this set for example at PK-Pro.

Keep on happy basing!

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MV Challenge 2018: More information!

by Roman aka jar

Hello chaps!

Due the renewal date of the MV Challenge 2018 to end, painters did ask how to solve the issue with ongoing shows like Monte or SMC. The challenge rules say:

- Entries who have been published in their final version before the contest ends are not participating.

That leads us to the question how we should handle the photos taken of your entry during a real life show and maybe they even will get linked up online. We decided the following exclusion to the rules of the challenge:

- Entries who have been published in their final version by the author/artist (facebook, blog, CMON, Putty&Paint) before the contest ends are not participating. If linked up via a third party we shall not disqualify your entry.

I hope this helps to solve doubts.
We are really looking forward to your entries :)

All the best and keep on happy painting!
Roman & Josua

FM: New Skin

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

= Finished Miniatures


The first time I saw a photo of this sculpt
 by Ouroboros Miniatures via their first Kickstarter I was in love. Such an amazing, story-telling sculpture.

I contacted Tim and told him how great this bust is and that I will paint my copy with raw emotions as earlier this year I had similar emotional things in my life going on that made me understand what this character is doing. I also decided to write up a big step by step on my work for backers of the Kickstarter via a PDF file.

It took me longer than expected first and I want to excuse myself to everyone who is so patient with me in 2018. It's been an interesting, but also rough year for me so far. Thank you!

I am working on finishing the PDF in the next two weeks and I can tell it is huge :)

At least we area all used to be patient once in a while, as we love miniature painting and what is there to accomplish if you lack patience :) - Again. Thank you!

I do hope you like the project.
It was truely challenging to bring down my personal emotions and to do the sculpt justice with my vision. I am really happy with the result.

I decided to paint white for her "new skin" as I was inspired by the great TV Show " Westworld".

More information on how I tackled the project from the start to the end can be found in the upcoming PDF via Ouroboros Miniatures 

You can also find her on Putty&Paint:

This bust is in private collection.
Thanks a lot for the support in my work, art and passion.

So far, I am looking forward to make the jungle bounce a bit more soon.
Keep on happy painting!


Review: Private Coaching with Thorsten

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

while I am in the middle of a private coaching with Jonas from Sweden at the moment I can still make the jungle bounce and slowly find its beat again ...

In the MV studio ...

Thorsten was visiting me for the third time to enjoy time and a private coaching together. I am really grateful to all my students, especially to those who return for more. It is amazing to see their skills grow and to know each one for so long. You know who I mean :)

Thorsten is one of these students. We had our first private coaching in ... wait. Well, Thorsten visited me for the first time ever when I did teach my first private lesson with him, back in 2008.

We met up for a second private coaching in 2015 and had a splendid time again with tons to learn.

I saw Thorsten even on two Beginner Seminars of mine. So we both got quite the story. He is a really nice guy and it is always a joy to spent time with him

This time Thorsten asked me to tackle the subject on how to paint textures. So I dived in deep to the topic and prepared myself. During these preparations I also came to the conclusion that this should be a 1,5 day seminar and I started teaching it this year for the first time. A review will follow soon.

Studying different material properties, textures and brush- and paint-control ...

We applid the gathered knowledge to the bust in a time consuming black and white underpainting ...

super detailed ...


all with the knowledge of different material textures and how they behave on light influance

Then we gave it all color.

And worked some more on it ...

I can not tell you how proud I was as a teacher to see such a result,
happening in two days :)

Thank you Thorsten for such a nice time, once again.
Also for the good chats about life and all these big and little things ...

Staring in the sun!

Keep on happy painting my friend!
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You want to go for a private coaching yourself?
Slowly I am filling up dates for the first half of 2019.
Feel free to contact me for details on it: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com


MV Challenge 2018: News & Updates

by Roman aka jar

Hi everyone!

Important information regarding the actual Massive Voodoo Challenge.

First of all - this is what it's all about:

Changed the date for your entries due some emails that recieved us. People were asking to have more time due some restock waiting time while ordering Marie Fleur or Pinguins.
The new final call date for your entries is 15th of November 2018.

The first entries coming in:

Marie Fleur: #01
Pinguins: #01

Updating you soon on our random prize pool surprise jungle boxes :)

Keep on happy painting!
Josua & Roman

SBS: The ugly truth

by Josua Lai

Hello Jungle,

Today I present you a small SbS to a waterbase I made recently.
First I want to say a few words about why I created this little scene.

I am almost sure you stumbled over a video of a seaturtle that is traped in some kinde of waste or seen photos of countless pieces of trash swimming in the ocean. The fact is that aproximately 1.4 billion pounds of trash produced by humans ending up in the ocean. All these videos made me rethink a lot of actions left me shoked and sad. My miniature project often reflecting things that i carry arround with me and bcause this topic made me think a lot it is not a surprice I created this piece.

The storry should be straight forward two tiny paperboats on a waste poluted ocean. The paperboats in different sizes are representing different generations in this particular scene.

So I started to gather suplies. I dont wanted to just making trash out of materials I allready had in my hobby material boxes at home. This trash should be real trash, as a boyscout leader I am in nature almost every second weekend of the year so I decided to not only clean my natural suroundings (even more then I usualy do when I am out in the forest) but also bring some of the trash I found out there back home with me. This task was almost to easy sadly. I let the pictures speak for themself :

After collecting a good bag full of trash I putt al that stuff into the freezer to kill at least some of the bacteria. Out of the freezer ontu my bench, I chopped everithing up in little pieces and put it together with my allready mixed up 2 conponment resin in the premade mold.

Do you want to know more about working with that kind of resin?

This step was quite difficoult as I tried to let all pieces float on the surface as they would normaly do in water, but as some parts where heavyer then others I had to stack them somehow on each other. Luckily my resin has a long curing time so I had enought time to stack my trash .

After the resin cured I put all together on a woden plinth and sanded the top part flat. I usualy start with a 120 grit sandpaper and go up to 4000 grit. From 1000 on I normaly wetsanding my resin projects this helps to not clogg the sandingpaper and it also catches most of the resin dust. 

Always wear safety gear while sanding 

On the nice and flat surface I was now able to create some waves. I did this by applying a clear drying acrylic gel. These are the ones I use the most #1 #2. That step takes a little while as you have to apply it in several layers otherwise the gel will dry cloudy. 

To finish off the waves I mixed some  white into the acrylic gel to get a nice transparent white to simulate foam. A way to increase contrast and drama on a wavy surface like this is to actually paint the recesses between the waves darker. I did this by using this brand of colours by pebeo. You could use any slightly tranclucent colour for this step. 

The paperboats are folded like you would fold one out of a A4 sheet of paper. Just cut the scaled down size of an A4 sheet out of cigarette paper get some clean nice tweezers out and take your time. I glued them down by applying a small amount of the acrylic gel on the bottom and place them on the waves. Some edge highlights carefully painted on gives them a bit more definition.

After all this project was an emotional ride for me somehow. I often looked back on my projects and see things that are reflecting my feelings about certain things. To create a little scene often helps me to clear my thoughts. I hope this little insight was interesting for you guys.

Till next time