Seminar News!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

the new year has quite the pace :)
Luckily I got my seminar dates online already and people are enrolling to learn from my curriculum in 2019. Thank you all!

If you want to join one of my seminars,
feel invited to check back with

Dates for the second half of 2019 will show up around May.
Soon I also got my teaching schedule for the NOVA Open 2019 ready.
So please be patient on this and stay tuned!

All seminars are filling up nicely
and so far most of them will see daylight and will be held. Thank you all for your interest. There is only one where we are lacking a certain number of students:

Graz, Austria
// 15th March -17 March 20193 day Beginner Workshop
german language 4/28 - Information PDF

I can give this two more weeks before I get to the point where I have to prepare and plan everything for the trip. Unfortanetely four students is not enough to cover the cost of work and travel. If you want this seminar to happen you can help me by telling and bringing your friends who also want to learn more about miniature painting.

If you got any questions left, always feel free to contact me via

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

Representing ...

by Roman aka jar

NEWS: MV Challenge 2018 - Winners!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle people,

as we promised, Josua and I finished judging the MV Challenge 2018. Finally!
Sorry for the delay in this, but we are miniature painters and used to patience, right?

You can see all entries to both categories here:

This post will show you the results of the challenges and also the winners of the random prize pool!
If you read your name here as a winner, please write an email to
with your postal adress if you have not mentioned it yet in your previous emails.

We want to thank all of you for your participation, your beautiful visions and your story-telling, beautiful projects. Judging this contest was not easy as so many of your pieces were extraordinary. Josua and I mainly focused on the story-telling part, but also took into consideration the quality of your bases and the paintjobs. These were our criterias and we can tell it was hard work and really a close call here and there.

We want to present the winners of MV Challenge to you -
Josua and I had a hard time judging and our criteria was your story-telling quality, the quality of the basework and paintjob and how it all sums up to a harmonic story around penguins or marie fleur.

1st - Gold

2nd - Silver

3rd - Bronze

Erik, Josef, Melanie, Steve, Eugeny


1st - Gold

2nd - Silver

3rd - Bronze


Thorsten & Manuel, Steffen, Richard, Melanie, Kaitlyn, David

Random Prize Pool Winners:

1x Set (AB) of Roman's miniature art postcards (five times)
Henrik, Alexis, Lee W., Philipp, Erik

2x Set of four of Roman's miniature art posters (two times)
Evgeny, Melanie

6 times Jungle Surprise Box:
Martin, Davide, Sascha, Demitri, Alexander, Sebastian

Gold Winners of each category will also recieve the original artworks from the contest.


In the next two weeks we would like to ask you to sent over your postal adresses if you read your names in the winners list here.

In the meantime we will prepare your parcels.
We will keep you informed about the shipping status via the blog.


Thank you all
for a wonderful edition of the MV Challenge in 2018. Wonderful because of your entries. We can not wait to present MV Challenges 2019's topic to you!


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FM: Hasslespree!

by Roman aka jar

Continuing with some finished miniatures from last year.
Usually once a year I got a small "hasslespree" where I just have to paint some beautiful sculpts by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Seren a Delyth
This beautiful sculpt was painted for a local charity auction to help the Grandhotel Cosmopolis to continue its great work!

If you want to see more photos of this miniature:

I painted this Princess in blue as a lottery give away for 15k Instagram Followers
over on ... well, Instagram!

You can find more photos of her, here:

Lord Khargoul
This brutal demon knight was next. Painted in true metallic metal with a mixture of non metallic metal too was a really joyful mini to paint up. He is for sale if you are interested in supporting me and enjoying my work in your hands!

If you want to see more photos of this miniature:

Hope you like them!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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Review: Nova Open 2018 Seminars

by Roman aka jar

Nova Open Seminars
This title stands for quality in convention teaching with some of the best instructors around the globe.
I am happy to be a part of this event and teaching at the NOVA is just a fantastic experience. Great people, great students, great high-end teaching equipment and just tons of fun.

Some Impressions on the NOVA Open 2018 seminars ...
Photo Courtesy of NOVA OPEN

Seminars? Over there!

Shoshie Bauer teaching one of her hands on seminars ...

Alfonso Giraldes going into detail ...

Matt di Pietro gives insight into his way of painting ...

During the NOVA Open I was also teaching a small number of seminars:

 LightCraft Miniature Studios - Madeline Cockrell starting one of her seminars ...

Duncan Rhodes by Games Workshop with a close look o a student's figure ...

Vince Venturella ... teaching with eyes closed!

Sam Lenz - Winner of Best of Show at NOVA Open's Capital Palette 2018 - discusses painting philosophy with his students ...

Some more impressions ...

The Ghost Instructor ...

Let's bring this fella to the seminar rooms! Nauw!

My personal main focus on teaching at the NOVA OPEN 2018
was some days prior to the Convention, teaching my first two and a half days beginner seminar statewise. It really was a lot of fun and everybody just brought such a good vibe to it. Special thanks to Mitchell Carey for helping me with so many things that I am out of words to name them all.

You can see my full teaching curriculum here:

You can find a video on everybody's result here on my Instagram channel:

Stay tuned for more news on NOVA OPEN 2019 Seminars!


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Review: Private Coaching with Marcus

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,
still some reports from the last year will drop in the jungle.
Things just happened to fast or time was spent wisely not in front of the computer, but well just blalalalabla!

was visiting me for a two day private coaching.

Marcus' learning goals were quite precise:

  • Overall Improvement of painting quality
  • Technical support in color choices and application
  • learn to read and paint colors your eyes see, getting away from recipe color painting
  • painting Orc Skin
  • painting Human Skintone
  • painting metallics
  • painting the color "black" 
  • additional "painting orange, skin variations plus detail and leather with texture
Marcus & myself

We both meet in the MV studio for the lessons ...

After theory and some introducing exercises about color choices and the readability of colors we got several models to pick from as Marcus arrived prepared.

Photo Fial!

After the theory we started with one of our main topics: Learning to paint human skin, mainly without a recipe ...

We also prepared other base colors on the figure to see the overall progress, to understand it better and to see how important it is to let everything grow beside eachother.

We even encountered a yellow donkey!

Then we pushed for contrast ...

After more explanations and theory Marcus arrived at this result with this training miniature:

Of course we did not forget the Orc subject ...

We both enjoyed two nice days in the MV studio.
Good chats, funny moments and fine music supported the rise of Marcus' learning curve on his chosen topics. Marcus left with a big smile and more Kame-hame-Ha! Powers in #happypainting!
Can not wait for your future projects, Marcus!
Thank you for making me a proud teacher!


Do you want  your own private coaching and all your miniature painting questions answered?
Feel free to contact me via: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com, please be aware that I am already making appointments for 2019 and that I am not fast in answering my emails, but I will get back to you! Thank you for your patience!