Tip of the week

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

today our weekly tip is a quick book recommendation.
Of course you got to take into consideration that oppinions on artistic books differ from person to person. You have to make your own conclusions and decisions.

The left book by Betty Edwards was recommended to me by Donal and it is quite the good read with tasks you can fullfill to understand more about color theory. The one to the right gives you tons of color recipes on different topics. If you like working with recipes this is a good book for you!

My recommendation is to buy these books used. They are much cheaper and it doesn't matter if you have a splat of paint or a note by another artist in it. The opposite: It can be really inspiring :)

Keep on happy painting!

Dragon Hunters

by Oli aka HonourGuard


I hope you all had a good start in the new year.
I wanted to present you some stuff I worked on in the last months. I worked on high quality gaming models, a new little Rackham vignette and on a very big diorama. The biggest project I have ever created. In this post I want to write about the last one.

Dragon Hunters

The project was built as a comission for a client I had create several single models before. For example my Savage Beauty.

But this time we wanted to go for something even bigger. The choice felt on 3x75mm models. Khalgrim from Scale 75, Dragon Huntress and Erynor from Black Sun Miniatures. We talked a while and we decided to add a complete dragon, not only the chopped of head of the Draogon Huntress kit. I decided to pick up Parawn from Mierce Miniatures and do a lot conversion work to find the best position on the base and to get a cool pose for the dragon huntress standing on the body. I had to do a lot of sculpting on the dragon to sculpt a cool swing in the tail, made the body bigger and added more little stings on the tail. On the picture you can see the stuff that I added.

Large conversions on Parawn:

Small changes on the dragon head:

For the base I started with a wood socket from CrazyWenky. And with some plasticcard on the back to have a straight surface. For the base I bought new cork, I bought a lot. I always enjoyed working with cork you can cut it easy and sand it too. The best is it has a very good texture that makes painting easier and pigments and washes turn out nice. The earth and  the gaps are filled with Milliput, with added common earth, little stones and roots.

In this step I had clear positions for all models in mind and prepared the positons for the models. Especially for the dwarfen arm that is lying on the stone or the dragon body that lies on the ground. Some people were bit sad about the maybe "dying" dragon. That's why I added another dragon, which is coming out of a cave in the water and I added scratchbuilt dragon eggs to show the future of the dragons there. I think now it is a fair balance from dragons to hunters.

Finished basing with prepared models:

I had lot freedom in creating and painting. For the paintwork I decided to see the models as single models and finish them one by one. But I had  the final positions of the base in mind and thought about rough color shemes. This one by one helps to reach the final result. Seperate steps make it easier to climb a mountain. And in the past I had big projects that ended as work in progress. So I think that was the better tactic for me. Beside this display models I had few breaks where I painted smaller gaming models. I enjoyed that and could relax here and than few weeks later I started the next 75mm figure. First one was Khalgrim, I won't say too much about the single models, but want to share the link to the full galleries.

Water dragon (different painting steps):

Khalgrim Gunnarson:

Erynor “Eternal Wings”:


Dragon Huntress:

I painted the base before I finished the last model. One of the hardest parts was to create the water effects for the base, wanted to try a different product than usual. This time I tried the method that is decribed on Massive Voodoo from Josua. Crystal Resin from Pebeo with my usual water finish. Acryl gel for waves and some white to paint them and work them out.

Detail shot of the water result:

Now came the greatest moment, add all models on the base and see the complete project coming together. I had to make little changes here and there but the most models fit in the positions I prepared in the sculpting step. Now not much to see, I tried to make good pictures of the finished diorama not easy on such a big piece. Overall I have spend about 200-250 hours in this project.
Here are the photos:

Thanks to Black Sun Miniatures and Crazywenky for the support!

More pictures of the finished result can be found here:


Hope you like my result and thanks for comments or votes!

Best regards 



by Roman aka jar

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Tip of the week

by Roman aka jar

Train your eye to study statues of all kind.
Don't just walk by. Stand still, look, observe. Not only on the beauty of the sculpt itself, but also on volumes and how they are hit by light and shadow, color variations in different ambiences, weathering and beauty. This is a free gift we can all appreciate, if we start looking and visualising.

As a figure painter you can only learn from it as statues are nothing else than what we paint, just slightly bigger and often with a little bit more history. If you want more inspiration on statues check this article.


If you see a guy with a camera or pen'n'paper in your hometown, spending quite the time in front of statues, it might be me.

Happy visualising!

Review: Private Coaching with Stefan

by Roman aka jar

Hiho Jungle,
time for another review on a two day private coaching I held back in late 2017.
This time Stefan visited me and his coaching goal was very precise:

As a big Infinity gamer he wanted to make the jump from basic tabletop miniatures to a higher quality of his painting. Several different topics to tackle and that is what we did. 

Roman & Stefan, serious painter style

And like always a warm welcome on my students table. Less candy this time :D

Sterfan brought plenty of Infinity models to work on.

Stefan also brought some of his models he painted since his visit of my beginners class. Really cool gaming pieces. Mainly worked with drybrushing and washing. Not bad at all, but of course there is always room to improve.

My teaching plan with Stefan and our topics:

  • In-depth color theory
  • Different approaches on how to start a model
  • In depth look on glazing, layering and detailing 
  • How to create different types of blendings that show a certain material
  • Painting black
  • Painting skintone
  • Introduction into airbrushing

The first thing we did, was a in depth look on color theory with several exercises.
As soon as you understand colors better, painting gets easier. Simple as that. I am not a big fan of recipes anymore, as recipes just lock you in boundaries and do not have anything to do with painting freedom. Of course if you paint armies, recipes are a good thing to unify the look of many figures, but still this can easily be done, even if you know more about how colors work!

Training the eye to visualising!

On this - already painted - figure by Stefan he wanted to know what he could improve. I showed him detailed principles about saturation, focal shadow and light and more.

We learned to start from a grisaille sketch and how to continue on it on this subject.

We learned to paint black on different materials on this fella.

We created a smooth blending with a slight influance of atmosphere.

Left: new approach, right: old approach

Another approach on how to tackle different material and reflections and technique approaches.

Let's paint a nice gaming figure face.

As a teacher I really enjoyed these two days with Stefan. We had plenty of good talks about everything and focuesed on improving Stefan's skillset a lot. He went home as a really happy student.

This is what Stefan had to say about the coaching (german only, sorry):

"Mir hat es wirklich sehr gut gefallen und meine Erwartungen wurden erfüllt und sogar übertroffen!
Was mir besonders gut gefallen hat:
  • Deine offene und positive Art: Auch mal über privates sprechen oder über die Gedanken, die in einem beim Malen vorgehen.
  • Viele Tips zu guten Farben und anderen "Werkzeugen" (Pinsel, Nasspalette, Literatur)
  • Inzwischen habe ich mir fast alles schon besorgt: Inktense Farben, Dark Sea Blue von Vallejo, Schminke Farben, Color and Light: A guide for the Realist Painter etc..
  • Die vielen "Gimmicks" die du mir kostenlos mitgegeben hast. Hab das Booklet von dir schon durchgelesen und ich finde es sehr kurzweilig und sehr inspirierend.
  • Dass du mir in der Zeit wirklich richtig viel Methoden und Werkzeuge mitgegeben hast, das war echt super. Ich konnte soviel mitnehmen und einbauen für mich!!!
  • Gesponsorter Kaffee/Verpflegung.
Nochmals von ganzem Herzen vielen vielen Dank :-)
Feel free to contact me for your private coaching!
I am filling up dates for two day private coachings at the moment for the whole year of 2018, but still have to catch up with tons of emails after the winter break. Be sure I'll be back at you very soon! Additionally check back with the MV roadmap of weekend seminars to certain topics.

Review: Private Coaching with Manuel

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle, 

time to see another private coaching review hit the jungle.
This time Manuel visited me for some painting fun during last years Halloween.

Welcome to the MV studio, Manuel!

Manuel says:
"At the beginning, I would like to thank my great wife for the amazing support. I am very happy to have found a woman who takes me seriously in my hobby, gives me the freedom and even gives me this cool opportunity of a private coaching. THANK YOU!!"

After my first beginner course with Roman in Herne 2016, I was hooked again for my painting passion. I never saw miniature painting as an own way of art. After applying the basic understanding of the color wheel, I wanted to learn more. I want to have the ability to tell stories with miniatures, to be thought-provoking or create feelings.

By a short coordination in advance, the theme “Atmosphere” was quickly fixed and I came to Augsburg, carrying a viking with me that I wanted to paint with Roman. Without further detailing the whole two days, I would like to summarize the contents in short bullet points:

  • Lots of theory (love IT) and painting (love IT too)
  • Basing improvements
  • Deepening of the color theory, context of the atmosphere and effect on the colors
  • Painting leather, metal and paint options for structures
  • OSL, integration and impact on the atmosphere
  • Pumpkins ….
  • Cool and deep conversations.

Pumpkins in progress

Magic sculpt was used here.

While Roman was doing pumpkins, Manuel had to work through tons of theory to make him understand the principles on how you can create atmosphere.

Roman says:
Manuel came up with the idea to create two figures, themed to Halloween and even connect them together with the bases and our painting plans. This was so much fun instead of just painting up another barbarian. Thanks for this splendid idea!

Blacksun barbarians getting ready to collect pumpkins!

Manuel says:

I can highly recommend a private coaching with Roman, for anyone who wants to bring his hobby to the next level. For me the two days were more than successful and I will trust more in myself and my abilities in the future for more complex projects. I take the following for myself:
  • Be badass, dare to implement your idea more consistently
  • Art is always a port of yourself and your personality
  • I can only paint a complete project with the base colors
  • Photorealism is only a matter of time. 
Thank you Roman for these two days, you will always be an example and inspiration for me. 

PS: For those who are interested in my further path of art, here are some ways to follow me:

Two Barbarians from the back!

Manuel's result

... and the german version of Manuel's review 
- thanks for writing this up, buddy!

Zu Beginn möchte ich zunächst meiner tollen Frau für die Hammer Unterstützung danken. Ich bin sehr happy eine Frau gefunden zu haben die mich in meinem Hobby ernst nimmt, mir den Freiraum schenkt und mir sogar diese coole Möglichkeit eines Private-Coachings schenkt und organisiert. DANKE!!

Nach meinem ersten Beginnerkurs bei Roman in Herne 2016, hat mich die Leidenschaft am Bemalen wieder gepackt. Das ich letztlich Gemälde in 3D male habe ich vorher nie so gesehen. Nach vielen anwenden des Grundverständnis des Farbkreises wollte ich mehr verstehen. Mit Miniaturen Geschichten erzählen, zum Nachdenken anregen oder Stimmung erzeugen würde ich gern können, dachte ich mir.
Durch eine kurze Abstimmung im Vorfeld stand das Thema „Atmosphäre“ schnell fest und ich kam mit einem kräftigen Wikinger bepackt nach Roman. Ohne den Ablauf der zwei Tage weiter im Detail vorzustellen (die Bilder bringen die Schritte denk ich rüber), möchte ich in kurzen Stichpunkten die Inhalte zusammenfassen:

  • Viel Theorie und viel Malen
  • Basing Optimierung
  • Vertiefung der Farbtheorie, Zusammenhang der Atmosphäre und Auswirkung auf die Farben
  • Leder, Metall bemalen und Möglichkeiten Strukturen zu malen
  • OSL und Einbindung und Auswirkung auf die Atmosphäre
  • Kürbisse
  • Coole tiefe Gespräche.

Für jeden der sein Hobby auf die nächste Stufe bringen möchte kann ich ein Private-Coaching wärmstens empfehlen. Für mich waren die zwei Tage mehr als erfolgreich und trau mich jetzt viel mehr an Themen ran die ich mir vorher nicht zugetraut hätte. Folgendes nehme ich für mich mit:

  • Sei krass, trau dich ruhig konsequenter deine Idee umzusetzen
  • Kunst ist immer ein Teil von dir und deiner Persönlichkeit
  • Ich kann auch nur mit Grundfarben ein komplettes Projekt bemalen
  • Fotorealismus ist nur eine Frage der Zeit

Vielen Dank Roman für diese zwei Tage, du wirst für mich immer ein Mega Vorbild und Inspiration sein.

LG Manuel

PS: Für alle die sich für meinen weiteren Weg der Kunst interessieren, können mir gerne folgen:


Feel free to contact me for your private coaching!
I am filling up dates for two day private coachings at the moment for the whole year of 2018, but still have to catch up with tons of emails after the winter break. Be sure I'll be back at you very soon! Additionally check back with the MV roadmap of weekend seminars to certain topics.


by Roman aka jar

Find my personal music playlist that I am listening to while happy painting on youtube!