Roboute Guillaume - Primarch of the Ultramarines

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey jungle,

another primarch is finished! The Lord of the Ultramarines was an interesting challenge, not due to the miniature itself, but more because of the base. He was the fourth primarch I painted and due to my commission, there are a lot more to come :)


As part of my preparation for new projects, I spend some time on Pinterest and collect a lot of inspirational pictures. I like the idea of having different galleries for different projects, so I made one for Roboute, too:

Painting an Ultramarine is not too hard, as you have tons of good reference material (I prefer the Forgeworld Illustrations) and blue is not the worst color to paint (which might be a more subjective opinion). Additionally, fitting for a Lord of a Space Marine Legion, Guillaume is covered with a lot of ornamental stuff, which makes it a easy to play with the blue/gold combination in order to achieve a glorious appearance. In my opinion, the most challenging part was painting the marble. I have tried to paint marble in the past and was never really satisfied. It never really looked like it, more like some dirty white area. This time I used my reference material to understand what is happening there and which are the most important "aspects" to make marble look like marble. Perhaps I write an additional tutorial, but for the first start I can recommend Raffa´s good and fast approach: CLICK.

As you can see on the pictures below, I chose a reddish marble in the end, which was a more spontaneous idea. At the beginning I was going for the standard white marble, but realized soon that it looked boring and made the whole project appear as grey. I´m more happy with the colorful version.

Here you´ll find more pictures: Putty&Paint

I hope you like him :)


Step by Step: I AM BATMAN!

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle people, 

what makes the jungle of Massive Voodoo so special is not only unique competitions or finished figures. It is mainly the big selection of articles that help painters around the world to increase their toolbox. We did not write many articles in 2017, but here is another one of a recently finished figure:

Knight Models, 32 mm

This article is meant to be a step by step, but without color recipes as I mainly mix all I need from primary colors by Schmincke, Primeacryl. It is meant to be a walkthrough showing my steps, giving you insight into my mind and maybe some explained decisions will be understandable.

I primed the dark knight black, very dark

Did I tell you that I am a big Batman fan?
I draw him once in while, often not on purpose. It just happens.

I hand out Batman patches if the pain is too hard to bare.

I make cookies in this shape.

And I painted straight white Titanium white, thinned a little bit with water to my black basecoat to understand shapes and volumes. Kind of the same what the 2k priming method does, but not the same as have more control. The first layer of white dries greyish and you can continue and intense a light situation and your volume study. A painting technique called Grisalle. First shown and explained to me by magic man, Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee.

Now I use white again and make it stronger. This does not mean I am always using this approach when doing a figure. It is is just a tool in my toolbox.

In this stage the base somehow found how it wanted to look like. Just in black and white, but hey I like that!

Volumes defined and even edge highlights added.

Allright, maybe too much words and photos about priming. Now I sprayed everything blue. The contrast I have painted still visible.

I put a wash of inktense black by Scale75 all over the model to get its deeper areas darker. I let it dry and the base found new character in this step.

When dry, the Dark Knight again looked very dark. 
I even added normal black and painted it in the deepest areas on larger surfaces where the wash of ink did not cover (a wash of ink, now this describtion I love). And I painted whatever I have painted to the base. Maybe I was thinking about illustrated rain on a rooftoop in a Batman comic I once saw or I just followed the rythm, I do not know.

Very wild. That is how I like my painting in the beginning. To dig out the beauty from a free sketchx way. Lot's of digging ahead.

Even darker in the big photobox, but more natural than the smartphone photos.

Back at the table the bat recieved some dark blue greys again on the cape mainly. I call this step cleaning up.

Went a little crazy with it and was going all tourquoise dark grey blue something all over.

Still my basic sketch with white helps me to guide me, while I did out the beauty.

A photo in the unlighted wip shelve in the studio. He looks very greenish here, but I love the level of detail already. Sharp definitions.

Back at the table - on another random painting day - I increased the contrast of my blues again and added gently more white to my highlights until I recieved pure white for final dots and maximum edge highlights.

I then sprayed a glaze of blue back into it to pull it all together and tint it more blueish again.

And this is how the Dark Knight turned out in the end:

I really enjoyed doing my first Batman figure. I will do more. As a Batman fan I have to.
This figure is in private collection and the bat will watch over a city I one day want to visit :)
Thank you for your support in my work, art and passion, Sir!

Keep on happy painting!

Reminder: Basing Class in English (23. - 25. February 2018)

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

we are very busy at the moment, as a lot of things are going on. Christmas is almost upon us and so, the MV-crew is working hard on  finishing their commissions in order to send them on time to their clients. Further, Peter is moving back to Augsburg and has already claimed his seat in the studio.

But, even as we fighting our way through the last weeks of the year before claiming some free days, we want to remind you of the Seminar Roadmap 2018. Perhaps some of you might be interested in getting a voucher for Christmas?

Especially the Basing Class (Download PDF) in February might be interesting for our international friends. The final date for registration (mid of January) is closing fast. Just check the review on the last class and get inspired.

In case you want to join one of the classes or if you have any questions, feel free to send Peter an email: baphomet--at--massivevoodoo--dot--com

Best regards,
Your MV-Team


by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

this figure is fromt he boardgame "Massive Darkness" by CMON.
A beautiful sculpt that was calling me for some paint.

It was painted as a give-away figure on my Instagram account to celebrate 10K followers some weeks back and we already have a lucky winner. I hope you will like it!

You might wonder what an Ettin is?

Massive Darkness, 32 mm

To see more photos check

Keep on happy painting!

Tip of the week

by Roman aka jar

Plan projects in your brain, not only on your table.
The more time you take for planning, inspiration collection, planning your paintjob colorwise and light situation wise, the more your brain works before you actual start the work the easier your paintjob will flow and you will not get lost in a labyrinth of painting by numbers. Learn to see your vision in all aspects and figure projects will paint themselves.

Know the music that inspires you.
One day I want to hear this live
- bucket list entry added :)

Into the sun

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

this figure is special.
Special in terms on how I painted it.
It is a) a gift and b) and uncommon paintjob. The bust is "Laszlo" by FER Miniatures and was painted as a gift to my good friend and MV monkey brother Peter.

This summer we both spent a week of holiday on La Palma on the canarian island, Spain. We had great weather and tons of beautiful views. Unfortanetely Peter got sunburned on the first day with some nasty skin reaction to the sun cream or whatsoever. Nobody knows, but too much sun ain't good for Dracula. 

Well, the bust is a gift for Peter as he moves back to Augsburg finally, back to the city of the MV headquarters and this is something to celebrate. Therefor this guy was painted pale and ...

Into the sun
FER Miniatures, 1/12

Keep on happy painting!