Review: Jar's Material Masterclass, Augsburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar

"After attending workshops of Roman back in 2011 and 2013, it was time for another motivation boost. As the scheduling was perfect and the topic seemed to be interesting, I registered for “Jar’s Material Masterclass”. Arriving at the workshop location, it was a happy reunion of already known painting buddies. Roman and the Massive Voodoo Studio welcomed us “warmly” as the temperatures went crazy high these days.

Nevertheless, Roman straight started the workshop by taking into account that the power of concentration and brain capacity of us attendees might be limited. With the prospect of a big cold beer, he easily managed to attract our attention. As this was the first material masterclass, the announcement of the main objective of this course was quite a surprise. We are going to learn a monochrome underpainting technique – so called Grisaille – of course adapted to miniature painting. Cool, what a match - this was something which I wanted to give a try since a while – perfect! Roman explained us the technique and let us draw a variety of textures and material surfaces of real objects on a piece of paper. It was really interesting to study and understand surface structure in order to make oneself able to scale such down and copy.

The next early morning (we wanted to avoid the heat a bit) we changed to our self-brought busts. Under the observation of our teacher, we created fabrics, leathers, furs and other stuff on barely flat surfaces of the bust. It makes a figure so much more interesting. We did it again first in black’n’white and then colored it. Even though the busts are not finished yet, the results are already great. I can fully recommend this course for everybody who want to stuff his backpack with another very useful tool. The monochrome underpainting helps to fully focus on textures and light situation by neglecting colors at the beginning of a paint job. Once more, I left a workshop of Roman with happy painting feelings and a bunch of motivation. Furthermore, I was glad to meet some old friends of the painting community.

Thanks for everything! Cheers"  
- Cornel

This seminar was a blast. 
To plan and execute a good lesson on a certain in depth topic takes its time and is always interesting to plan from the perspective of a teacher. You got to break down your own knowledge in simple steps and easier language to make your students gain from it. Not the easiest task.

Even I am quite experienced when it comes to teaching I am always nervous when it comes to new content and new seminars in my curriculum.

Where is the rest on this group photo??

Usually students showing up to such in depth seminars have been to some of my classes and do expect quality and content. I worked hard to provide it in this seminar again and I was happy to see the programm of this seminar take hold with my students.

I want to thank everyone for joining up!
It was like a small family meeting! :)

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Lots of theory first of course :)

The studio was so hot
... you can not imagine by looking at this photo:

Time for real exercises ...

 We painted until the sun went down ...

And even studied nature's beauty up close ...

Then we did put all this knowledge to each individual models ...

... and started working on them in color!

One thing we can say for sure: It was so hot in the studio!!

Well, wonderful students made me really proud with their results of this 1,5 day seminar about understanding texture and how to apply it!

Photos turned a litte bit too dark, sorry for this!

So many click moments and melted brains ...
This has been the last event before I had to shut down the studio, because of too much heat in it. It was really hard to paint even on this class. Let's see if summer 2019 brings us another heatwave :)

Thank you all for being part of this seminar and your will to learn from me!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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by Roman aka jar

Review: Private Coaching with Richard

by Roman aka jar

"This was the result of a challenge I set myself. To paint a scene that has 3-4 light environments at dusk. However, I did not know how to approach it.

I wanted to capture Vlad the Impaler at the moment he realises the terrible bargain he has made. He has transformed into the vampire as dusk settles but as the sun dips under the horizon he realises he will never see it again or feel its warmth. He
sheds his last tear as his humanity and soul slips into the demon he becomes as Dracula. I thought Karol Rudyk's sculpt was perfect for this, particularly because of its almost Shakespearean pose.

I was inspired by a great photo of Lyon at dusk by

With the help of Roman Lappat at a 2-day private coaching session, I think we may have achieved it. It was an unusual coaching session as I didn't do the usual exercises (i.e. paint the wolf etc) but we dove straight in! My goal with coaching overall is to develop the capability to bring to life some of my ideas that are bubbling away. My goal with roman, other than 3-4 light effects was to create visual interest and texture. My thanks go to Roman for such a great time."

                                                                                      - Richard

Hello Jungle,
time for another private coaching session review.
This time with a students that I have seen quite often this year: Richard.

Richard is originally located in Australia, but job-wise based in France for some time. His goal is to take everything he can learn from Europe's big offer of miniature painting coachings, seminars and events home to his motherland.

After a Beginner Seminar Richard took the chance to stay a little longer in Augsburg and visit me for a two day private coaching. It also has been my birthday and yes, some good beer was gone in these days. Cake and beer and happy painting!

Thank you Richard for spenting true hot days in the studio with me. On the photo of the studio in the morning everything looks so calm, but in the afternoon the heat did strike.

Nonetheless we painted.
With a concept and theory behind it.

Richard's project was massive!

For explanation purpose I started to paint this bust ...

... by ...

Let's get back to Richard's plan on painting the craziest thing he ever did ... blurry, sorry!

More 'sharp' now!

A crazy project that we pulled off together here.

Richard did write up a great review of the coaching:

Thank you, Richard
for your support in my teachings, passion, art andd work. It was my absolute pleasure to see you again and paint with you through the heat as long as we were able to stand it.
Thank you for the great chats my friend!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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