by Roman aka jar

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by Roman aka jar


it has been some time.
Some time since the jungle rolled like it used to roll.

I, for my part had reasons for this. 
Moments of truth. I had to slow down life to understand some things in my private life. I slowed down on Massive Voodoo. In the meantime things in life changed and I am in the middle to progress and heal. Love and life can be a mysterious thing and sometimes you need hard lessons to learn something. I did.

Best thing I did this year was quitting to travel for painting seminars. I was so burned out and now I am realizing how my heart arrives in my hometown, Augsburg. Unbelievable beautiful. So, you won't see me travel for happy painting lessons in 2018, but you are always welcome to visit one of my seminars in Augsburg, Germany or even contact me for private lessons.

I do not want to say much more on this subject as there are always three sides of a story and so on. All I can say is that the massive jungle of miniature love is back on track and there is tons to do and create with you, our readers. Are you still there?

We got plenty to tell from the past months.
Tons of reviews of Roman teaching seminars and private coachings with great students, tutorials, tip of the weeks, musica and finished miniatures. Even event reports like a small review of the Duke of Bavaria 2018, a big update on the MV Zombie Community project and a private coaching in the MV studio with Kirill Kanaev.

More to come in the next days!
Stay tuned!


Review Preview: Seminars

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

it is big review time soon in the jungle.
Time to break the silence in here. Several reviews incoming from Private Coachings, Basing Seminars and Beginner Classes. This will be epic! Stay tuned and get yourself ready to be part of some of the next seminars by checking for the Massive Voodoo Workshop Roadmap 2018!

I will soon sent out the handouts of the last Beginner class. Sorry Gentlemen. Life.

A wild mixture of impressions:

More soon!  Stay tuned! :)
And do some happy painting!


by Roman aka jar

Find my personal music playlists
that I am listening to while happy painting on youtube!

As this youtube channel is rather new and not well filled yet I decided to have one "Incoming" list that is mentioned as "2018". My favourite actual songs will go there and will then be sorted to the other lists. Organisation is the key :D

Review: Jar's Beginners Class in Augsburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,
oh dear, time is running so fast these days and lots is happening. I am teaching, working, scheduling, planning and create. All in a wild mix of #happypainting and #basketball in between. This is why the jungle is a little bit behind with all information.

Nonetheless here is something for you all!

Jar's Beginners Class in Augsburg,
Germany (german language)

To see an overview over upcoming seminars,
check MV's roadmap for 2018:

To see more reviews on this workshop, check this link!

The great location in Augsburg, a lovely place to teach - Staatsinstitut zur Ausbildung von Fachlehrern.

Thanks to everyone
who showed up for the workshop. It was a great weekend, with wonderful students, eager to learn the ways of happypainting and able to stand my blabla for thirtythree hours of class schedule. As a teacher my student's results made me really proud and we all were able to share good vibrations all around. Thank you for additional photos for this review too!

Where is that zenithal light coming from, anyways?

Biggest thanks to my man,
Peter who helped me organising the seminar. I can not find the right words to tell you my gratitude. Thank you!

A color wheel, upside down ...

"This was my second beginners and the third workshop in total with Roman.

While I really enjoyed both previous workshop a lot, this time was different.
Being a repeater I could focus on parts that I wasn’t confident with (for me it was textures and TMM) while leaving theory and parts where I felt more safe with a bit aside.

During breaks from theory where the rest of the class painted Roman took his time and discussed those topics with us repeaters in detail.
We (especially me ;D ) had tons of questions to ask but he took his time and answered them all thoroughly.

There where also a few breaks to chat about non-painting stuff which was an interesting experience to get a better understanding about the person he is and what drives him.

As I mentioned, this time was different.

Since my work is very technical I mostly live with rights and wrongs with not much in between.
I always thought I should aim for the same result when it comes to miniature painting.
For the first time ever I understood that painting isn’t about getting the perfect result.
Before I painted miniatures but never really enjoyed them because they didn’t feel good enough for me.
I always thought I needed to get better because I aimed for the wrong goals.
Instead I should have focused on the joy of painting and the journey itself.

In the few days since the workshop I continued painting and it was pure joy, more than ever before.
I’ll attend in a small local painting competition at the end of this month, not because I want to win but because I want to take part and share my painted miniatures with others while seeing theirs.
Wanted to do so since ever but never found the drive because I felt my painting wasn’t good enough.

So to sum it up I’d like to give Roman a massive THANK YOU!
I went to the workshop to improve my painting skills and went home with a completely changed mentality and tons of useful tips.

Everyone who considers joining a workshop with Roman I can recommend it wholeheartedly.
No matter if you’re going there for the first, second or fourteenth time, it will be an interesting and inspiring experience for sure.
Really looking forward for the next time!
-SimonEverybody listening ...

Everybody busy ...

Well, this class was also special for me as Peter and Andreas (soon more information about our new monkey on board! Woot! Woot!) were introduced in teaching this Beginners Class. This process will be a long process for all of us and we will see where this will lead in the end. More about this in the future.

Friday night started with preparing, basing and the long and dark night full of theory. Some great bases already appeared out of nowwhere:


Special thanks to the supporters of this workshop:

After Saturday morning exercises we reached the point of prime time:

Primed models. Always a moment of pride of my students.

There is the right sound for every painting technique, as well for all small accidents / happy paintings." - Rob

Andreas praying to the gods of color harmony!

Andreas is rapping in the background!

Still ...

Really an awesome help and a great future teacher of this class: Andreas.
I can feel it, but first we will put in some more work in the teaching skills!

We continued painting and while everyone who was taking the class for the first time advanced on their demonettes I was able to explain some different questions about painting to repeaters of the class, for example quick NMM:

Proud teacher, results of busy students over the weekend ...

Oh what a gang. What a weekend :)

Thank you all!

If you want to join a seminar by Massive Voodoo check back with the

Workshop Roadmap 2018

Keep on happy painting everyone and thanks for coming to the seminar!
Stay Jedi!