17 May 2010

New homepage of Raffa...

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


It is a bit quiet these days, for sure there is a reason behind this, but more about this soon. This time i just want to honour Raffa. He did a new showcase homepage for his work and i think it is awesome. Take a moment to enjoy his art, breathe while you do and enjoy your stay... I guess Raffa would be very happy if you let him know what you think of it via comment. Here you go:


Keep on happy painting!


  1. What an awesome site. Raffa, really great, I have so much respect for you, you are a true master of art. You can model, you can paint, you can draw, in real and on pc.. and all of that much better then the most other humans.. ;D
    I have only one thing to say *Keep it up* :)

    P.s I am very interested in the mini, I get from you, at our miniatures exchange ;)

  2. I like the site, very stylish. Did you create it? Obviously the content is all yours :p

    Also i gotta ask (sorry) what colours did you use of that space wolf on the site, i'm struggling with shade and light tones on the blue grey armour on mine


  3. Raffa du wirst immer besser. So ein Web habe ich noch nie gesehen. Phänomenal...Grandios...Du bist einfach einen Legende......Ich bin sehr stolz auf dich.

  4. I like the design of the site a lot. Simple, clear and noble. Right my taste, lol. The content is awesome but you know that already ;-) But I actually discovered some artworks I didn`t know until now. Was great fun to look it up. I`m a huge fan of you digital art too :-)

  5. @Carl:
    Hey for the colors of the space wolve:
    The base color was Space wolve grey + codex grey.
    i used vallejo dark sea blue for the shadows and space wolve grey for the highlights... a pretty basic color scheme.

    The rust was painted with vermin brown.

  6. Love the site, it's very stilish and elegant. Sure a good presentation for your work

  7. Not only the site looks excellent, but the works presented there are very good! I never knew Raffa is such a talented lad :)

    Congratulations and good luck with the site!