18 May 2010

Photo Backgrounds

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Hey everyone,

as i read a post from a fellow painter in the german bemalforum i had the idea to post some grungy background pictures i often use when photographing my miniatures.

Before you blindly use these backgrounds, let me lose a word about the whole background thing.

Some suggestions i have for you:
  • Try not to always use the same background
  • Try to use a dark background, it's much easier to get the colors of the miniature right and nothing distracts from the miniature
  • Most of the time the classic "white to blue" gradient background doesn't hit the nail on the head... it's also pretty hard for the camera to get the lighting right.
  • White or Bright backgrounds tend to bounce color back onto the mini, while this isn't neccessarily a bad thing try avoiding bright colors in the background (such as blue) because then the bounced light is colored, you want to avoid blue light on your mini ;)
  • Try to find a background fitting to your miniature, a white background behind a khorne champions destroys a lot of atmosphere....
  • In the last time i used plain black construction paper (fotopapier for our german readers :) ) and found out it works best for me at the moment.
  • When a mini uses cold colors, maybe try a warm background for some contrast or use a background that fits your base.

Essentially just play around.... you'll find a background you like :)

Here are some of mine, you can modify, print, share and do whatever you like with it ;)

Neutral Color (dark to bright):

Warm Color (dark to bright):

Cold Color (dark to bright):

I hope this posts helps some people finding the right background :)



  1. Ahh... and i have to make a banner again... ahhhhhhhhhh!!! RI$$&§CRRnnnzzz!!! Ahh!!!!

  2. ... for the article section! Great addition little Chapuchin! Thanks a lot!

  3. Lutz aka OraldesignerMay 18, 2010 at 9:17 PM

    Clap clap (clapping Hands) gee I´ve been longing for these for ages, thx Raffa ;-)) cool stuff

  4. Aaaah the message was softly packed but you got it Picster ;) Luv yu bro ^^



  5. This is some very gracious help.
    Much obliged.

  6. thank you very much for the backgrounds, I use them now and they improved my photos a lot :D

  7. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

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  9. Thanks for the backgrounds, there are a good tool for perfect pictures

  10. Thanks for the background, I have been using a medium blue pillow case. So now please tell me whats the best (Cheap) lighting to use with these?

    Right now I've two articulating table lamps with daylight bulbs, but I am still fighting the shadows.

  11. Hey Daniel,
    try to use three lamps, in my opinion you need at least 3 lamps for good photos.


  12. Woo! Thanks for these, I usd 2 of them tonight and I really like the effect they give, just need to print an a3 version now.


    Thanks again,

  13. These are awesome - thank you for posting these. :)

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