01 February 2016

Roman Q&A on Noobs and their Paintbrush

Good Afternoon Jungle,

recently Roman got asked by Matt from Noobs and their Paintbrush if he would be up for a question and answers. Of course he was and after some mails the interview was done, but first a small introduction to the blog of Matt and his painting friends - what is ...

is a blog that follows a group of hobbyists as they attempt to become better painters. Along with improving themselves and sharing any tips they find useful, there are regular unboxings, reviews, updates on various aspects on the hobby and a growing collection of Q&A sessions with some of the world's best painters.

You can find the Question and Answers behind this link!

This actually is part one.
Part two will consist of questions to Roman you asked via comment under part one and Roman tries to answer them all. Give it a go!

We hope you enjoy!

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