SBS: Viva la musica!

by Roman aka jar

Something so important in life.
It can lift you higher, push you forward or show you the blues in all its magic.

A step by step of a very unusual project :)


SBS: Viva la musica!

In the end of 2017

I got approaced by a newly made friend after I created a dragon as a birthday gift on comission for a waitress working next door to the MV studio.

You can find the full step by step about the dragon "Khaarzul" here:

This comission inquiry was different.
Meant for a music lover who plays the piano.
He plays it so hard that it catches fire sometimes and that the cat sings with him.
This was my goal: to create a diorama with this exact message for Christmas 2017.

I found the right piano in an online puppet house store ...

I needed a big base for it ...

... beautiful piano to be destroyed and put together again, soon ...

... quite the beast ...

Concepting how I visioned and positioned a fire spitting piano ...

Allright, let's go  ...

I can't. I just can't destroy it ... :D

Finding other concepts for it to avoid chopping the piano to pieces ...

straight forward. Kaboom!

Did I mention the cat?
Well I was searching my butt off for a cat in the right size and scale and pose for this. I did not find one. My good friend Robert aka muhani from Graz helped me with his sculpting skills and sculpted the cat for me.

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The cat and the piano were painted seperately ...

Of course the piano was pinned to the massive plinth ...

Sometimes I do ask myself about the beauty and strangeness of my job. Hairblowing a fire breathing piano to dry the primer ... mmh, ok :)

The beauty of black and white primer combined.

The start of the basic paintjob ...

On my way I was in need of large music notes. So I sculpted them using wire as a base ...

Placed them in the fire ... superglue, of course!

A wild paintjob.
Some of you might say it is too simple from the painting aspect. It was meant to be a project that makes sense from the clients and artist view in terms of time frame and money. Often there are reasons why something looks done a little quicker. This project was not about the paintjob. It has a different meaning and message, I bet you can feel the right vibe here.

I really enjoyed the look on my workbenc ...


The cat was painted similar to the piano player's cat. I got provided with a photo of their cat and it was on me putting paint on top of Robert's unique sculpt.

And finding the right position in my concept and composition ...

I can not tell how good it felt to pull this off like this ...

A very unique and interesting comission I was happy to hand over in time for Christmas.
In a box ...

The feedback to it was just amazing and we really caught someone by surprise as he has never seen miniature art before. So personalized, so special. A real joy!

I hope you like this little insight into this project!
This was a very special project for me. It is always special when you just get approached by an idea. To work out the concept and set it up like this is something amazing ... thank you for your trust in my skills and the great team work!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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Scale Model Challenge 2018

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

the Scale Model Challenge 2018 is approaching and on the upcoming weekend many great and nice people will meet up in Veldhoven, Netherlands.

Unfortanetely MV will not be present.
If you spot a monkey than it is a ninja and I did not know about him coming to the SMC this year. Excuse me for false information then. I can only speak for myself and for the monkeys I know about.
Raffa is busy with his new job and being a great dad raising his young family, Peter is also swallowed by work in his new job, Philip is statewise these days, learning new arty things at an art school for three months. I am keeping my travel wallet tight and still recover from a travel burn out that was putting me down the last years.

Nonetheless we would love to be there to see all our friends and enjoy the love. Organise a basketball game this year is not happening. We would have told you earlier. I hope that you guys still play spontaneously and enjoy a great time.

We wish you all a great weekend and when you drink a drop, make sure to prosit one in the jungle's direction. We are with you in our hearts!

Have a great weekend you all!

Roman & the MV-Team


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by Roman aka jar

Review: Jar's Material Masterclass, Augsburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar

"After attending workshops of Roman back in 2011 and 2013, it was time for another motivation boost. As the scheduling was perfect and the topic seemed to be interesting, I registered for “Jar’s Material Masterclass”. Arriving at the workshop location, it was a happy reunion of already known painting buddies. Roman and the Massive Voodoo Studio welcomed us “warmly” as the temperatures went crazy high these days.

Nevertheless, Roman straight started the workshop by taking into account that the power of concentration and brain capacity of us attendees might be limited. With the prospect of a big cold beer, he easily managed to attract our attention. As this was the first material masterclass, the announcement of the main objective of this course was quite a surprise. We are going to learn a monochrome underpainting technique – so called Grisaille – of course adapted to miniature painting. Cool, what a match - this was something which I wanted to give a try since a while – perfect! Roman explained us the technique and let us draw a variety of textures and material surfaces of real objects on a piece of paper. It was really interesting to study and understand surface structure in order to make oneself able to scale such down and copy.

The next early morning (we wanted to avoid the heat a bit) we changed to our self-brought busts. Under the observation of our teacher, we created fabrics, leathers, furs and other stuff on barely flat surfaces of the bust. It makes a figure so much more interesting. We did it again first in black’n’white and then colored it. Even though the busts are not finished yet, the results are already great. I can fully recommend this course for everybody who want to stuff his backpack with another very useful tool. The monochrome underpainting helps to fully focus on textures and light situation by neglecting colors at the beginning of a paint job. Once more, I left a workshop of Roman with happy painting feelings and a bunch of motivation. Furthermore, I was glad to meet some old friends of the painting community.

Thanks for everything! Cheers"  
- Cornel

This seminar was a blast. 
To plan and execute a good lesson on a certain in depth topic takes its time and is always interesting to plan from the perspective of a teacher. You got to break down your own knowledge in simple steps and easier language to make your students gain from it. Not the easiest task.

Even I am quite experienced when it comes to teaching I am always nervous when it comes to new content and new seminars in my curriculum.

Where is the rest on this group photo??

Usually students showing up to such in depth seminars have been to some of my classes and do expect quality and content. I worked hard to provide it in this seminar again and I was happy to see the programm of this seminar take hold with my students.

I want to thank everyone for joining up!
It was like a small family meeting! :)

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Lots of theory first of course :)

The studio was so hot
... you can not imagine by looking at this photo:

Time for real exercises ...

 We painted until the sun went down ...

And even studied nature's beauty up close ...

Then we did put all this knowledge to each individual models ...

... and started working on them in color!

One thing we can say for sure: It was so hot in the studio!!

Well, wonderful students made me really proud with their results of this 1,5 day seminar about understanding texture and how to apply it!

Photos turned a litte bit too dark, sorry for this!

So many click moments and melted brains ...
This has been the last event before I had to shut down the studio, because of too much heat in it. It was really hard to paint even on this class. Let's see if summer 2019 brings us another heatwave :)

Thank you all for being part of this seminar and your will to learn from me!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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